Welcome to Spring Chicken in the Kitchen. Happy Cooking!

How it all started…..

At around the age of 38,  I finally started cooking…well I just started to enjoy cooking. I am a wife and mother of two and they have never gone hungry. But lots of fast food and growing bellies eventually led us to hire a professional chef to come cook for us every two weeks. He would make enough meals for 14 days and all I would have to do is reheat a meal and serve. And I have to admit, it was pretty damn cool and convenient. It was also super expensive!! About the same time that we were feeling the squeeze on the pocketbook from the luxury of a private chef, a new site was gaining a lot of popularity on the web. And I’d be willing to bet that you can guess the name of that website. Yep, I’m talking about Pinterest!

So one day, as our chef was preparing meals in my kitchen, I sat down in front of my computer to see what all the Pinterest hype was about. I was, as I think most people are, very intimidated at first. The things that people post on this site are just too good to be true, right? I felt like such an inadequate mom and wife. I walked away from my computer feeling like I had to run to Michael’s to pick up all the materials to make the most amazing craft. And on my way home from Michael’s, I would stop at Home Depot in an effort to build the most amazing garden. And while at Home Depot I also needed to pick up all the materials for the most complex DIY bathroom redo ever to be accomplished! And after impressing my kids with the best craft ever, I would head into the backyard and build the most beautiful, all-natural, all organic garden anyone had ever seen (it was sure to win some sort of award). And just as I was starting to get tired from all my hard work, I would whip up an all natural, energy boosting fruit smoothie that I would be sure to serve in a Mason jar with homemade ribbon and raffia tied around it just perfectly and I would head upstairs to tackle that bathroom redo project. As the paint was drying in the newly updated bathroom, one that would put anybody else’s bathroom to shame, I would mosey on over to Rodeo Drive to find the perfect outfit with the perfect bag and let’s not forget the shoes! And then, and only then, could I go on with the second half of my day. Did I mention that I felt inadequate?

But there was one thing on Pinterest that caught my eye…food. And there was one thing that crossed my mind…the expensive chef currently cooking meals in my kitchen. I reluctantly went back to Pinterest and clicked on the “Food & Drink” category and had just one mission…to find at least one thing that I thought I might be able to make for my husband and kids without the following repercussions:

#1. Food Poisoning

#2. Burning the house down

#3. Looking up the number to the local pizza joint

I scrolled (and scrolled) through hundreds (and hundreds) of posts that were making my inadequacies get the better of me. But I was determined and then….just like that…there it was! A casserole, a mexican casserole. I love mexican food. The recipe claimed it was fast and easy. Less than 30 minutes. Ok…that was going to be my guinea pig. I hit the print button and nothing happened. I was convinced that this was a bad sign of things to come. One ink cartridge change and one t.v. show break later (inadequacy pushed me away from my desk and into the family room), my printer spit out all the ingredients and step-by-step directions. Twenty minutes later, I was at the grocery store, my 9 year old daughter in tow. We bought all the ingredients for this quick and simple casserole and headed back home. I spent the next thirty minutes just trying to find all the supplies I needed…a glass casserole dish, a can opener, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon. I spent the next fifteen minutes washing the dust off all aforementioned supplies. And then it was time to get cooking. And yes, it was easy. Very easy. Silly easy. I did it and the family loved it. And my kids did not wake me in the middle of the night complaining of tummy aches. SUCCESS!! And I was hooked on cooking (and coincidentally Pinterest). Just like that. By the way, here is the direct link to that recipe:


The very next day, I sat down in front of Pinterest and just started scrolling through the “Food & Drink” page. And I was pinning recipes left and right. And I was printing them and I was making trips to the grocery store. And I was actually enjoying every minute of it. And the meals our private chef had prepared were getting frost bite in the freezer. But I couldn’t let him go just yet. I wasn’t quite sure if this was just a phase…I tend to go through phases and they tend to not last very long. So our chef continued to come cook and our prepared meals continued to get frost bite and I continued to cook and love it. That was about two years ago and I’m still in the kitchen loving every minute of it. If I am not cooking, I am watching a cooking show or researching new recipes on Pinterest. I’m learning along the way. It’s been a fun journey of trial and error. I decided to start this blog because I’m still making errors but I want to share with all of you as I go. I want you all to learn from my errors and hopefully pick up a tip or two along the way. Come enjoy the journey with me…Happy Cooking!!!

P.S. We fired the chef! There can only be one cook in MY kitchen!